who teaches the classes?

Michel does.

Michel began filmmaking in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York. He received his MFA in Motion Pictures and Television from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. He has made numerous short documentaries, music videos, and short films and has written several feature length screenplays. 

He has a passion for film and mentorship and love every opportunity to combine the two.


Michel has ran after-school programs for Buckman, Chapman, Hosford, Da Vinci, West Sylvan, Abernathy, Atkinson, Chief Joseph/Ockley Green, Glencoe, Woodstock,  and Lincoln High School  in Portland, Oregon. He’s is trained in CPR and first aid, and is a certified American Red Cross Life Guard. He volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASAs are volunteers who represent children in the juvenile court system). 

Aside from Medium Cool Film School, Michel is the founder of Rain or Shine Camps, a summer day camp for 6-12 year olds and is the co-owner for Elevate Dance Academy.

Where do classes take place?

Classes take place in classrooms at their respective schools, but we try to shoot outside as often as weather allows. However, we do stay on school property. 

These classes are more expensive than other after-school programs. Why?

Simply put, filmmaking is an expensive endeavor. We provide cameras, iPads, green screen, and props, and we try to have enough gear so that every student can make progress on their films during each class.

Can i make monthly payments?

Sorry, we require full payment on the first day of class. 

Speaking of equipment, is there anything my child is required to buy? 

  • (REQUIRED) Headphones/earbuds. They must bring these to every class. Buying a cheap pair that they can leave in their locker is ideal. Kids tend to prefer over-the-ear headphones. 
  • (optional) A video camera if they want to make films outside of class. 
  • (optional) iMovie. This is what we use in class.

Do you feed students?

We don't provide food, but we encourage parents to pack an after-school snack and a water bottle. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made anytime BEFORE your child attends the second class. This gives them the opportunity to try out a class and make sure they are interested. After the second class, there are no refunds (no exceptions). The $50 deposit is non-refundable

What happens when there are unplanned, no-school days?

If there's no school, then Medium Cool Film School will be cancelled as well, unfortunately. Tuition will not be refunded, nor prorated. 

Any other questions?

Email us! info@mediumcoolfilmschool.com